Life is an energetic game and most people play this game without knowing the spiritual (energetic) rules. No wonder things may not always be working out.

The reason why so many people find my classes to be effective is because I strongly focus on understanding the law of attraction and how we draw all experiences to us with our beliefs and emotions.

Yes, it is true that nothing can come to us without an invitation, so it is so powerful to understand how we invite every good and bad experience into our lives through the frequencies we send out in the form of thoughts and feelings (measured in Hz).

It is not so simple as "staying positive" and "feeling good emotions" as otherwise everyone would have an amazing life by now. That is why in class, we dive deep into quantum physics, energetic field, auras, and belief systems to uncover what is hindering you from having what you want right now and understanding how to shift it.

I try to offer at least 2 or 3 classes a month, depending on my schedule, and I announce the classes along with the monthly spiritual info in the spiritual newsletter I send out once a month.

Another type of classes I offer is focused on developing your own intuition, and working with your angels, so you can understand the communication and signs from the Other Side to make the right decisions in your life.

To attend the class or sign up for the newsletter text me at 403-973-1733 or email

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The classes are priced at $40 and are hosted on Thursday evenings from 7-9pm

About money and charges

We live in the Universe of duality, and energy exchange where our form of energy exchange is money. Money is energy and therefore can be attracted through the law of attraction. If one offers us their time - to balance the energy we need to give something back in return so we do not create energetic debt.