What is worth knowing about hypnotherapy?

Our life reflects our unconscious programming. This is because the job of the subconscious is to create reality out of its program, for example to prove the program is true. So if you have negative programming in your unconscious, Dr Lipton says 95% of the time you will recreate those experiences in your life. During a hypnotherapy session the hypnotherapist provides counselling and communicates with the client while in hypnosis to help the client shift sensations, perceptions, feelings, thoughts and behaviour. Hypnotherapy can work at a deeper level helping to not only understand one's habit, problem or past trauma but also help a person eliminate negative emotional triggers associated with the issue, shift negative belief patterns and help encourage positive changes in one's behaviour. By being in a highly relaxed state of mind a person is much more open to suggestions for change, a person can develop better control over his or her emotions and develop a deeper sense of awareness.

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