Patrycja from Czestochowa said:

Nicole is a very competent mentor, and an amazing support for me for over 5 years. She is an accurate medium, who explains spiritual concepts in a simple and understandable manner. She is very patient with her students, and breaks down every aspect of complex problems into simpler terms. She can recommend appropriate literature and meditations that would support your spiritual journey. Her readings are very useful to me and my friends as she answers every question with great accuracy. I highly recommend her.

Monika from Calgary said:

Nicole's courses at School of Well-Being are intentional and tailored to her students' needs. Whether you need some motivation, brushing up on law of attraction knowledge or just hang out with positive people, you should consider Nicole's classes. Her classes are all of the above and more for me. I've been learning from her for several years as I feel repetition and reminders are very important when it comes to law of attraction. I am very happy with the results I am getting from learning from her. I find Nicole's classes and instructions clear, fun and easy to understand and very effective when applied to my life. The material she teaches each and every time is tailored, profound and powerful. I consider myself a "super attractor" and I have Nicole to thank for it. Also, her readings are always very accurate and clear, therefore, I come to her every time I need guidance or answers to important life questions.

Edyta from Czestochowa said:

Nicole is wise beyond her years. She is an excellent medium, who is so very accurate. I know a few people, whose lives she has really fixed with her gift and advice. There is lineup of people waiting for her readings every time she visits Poland, so her vacation here is always very busy.

Martina from Calgary said:

Nicole is an amazing medium. Her readings are very accurate and my visits are always very healing. I see her regularly to keep peace of mind. I highly recommend her classes as well. Thank you Nicole for your wonderful guidance.

Kasia from Calgary said:

Nicole has a natural talent for teaching. She shares her knowledge in a very easy to comprehend and understandable way. Additionally, she is presenting it in a really interesting and attention-grabbing way. She has vast knowledge in many aspects of self-development, spiritualism, mindset and psychology. This is super helpful because the coaching experience with Nicole will touch many aspects of your life. Even the one we haven't realized we need help. I highly recommend working with Nicole on your self-development journey.

Piyush from Calgary said:

Nicole is one of the most versatile person and greatest coaches I’ve ever met. I got to know her from ‘ Law of Attraction ’group which I found really helpful. Her way of communicating at a comfortable level with everyone is one of the remarkable traits that I always admire. Being more on introvert side, i know how hard it is to connect to introverts and Nicole does it very efficiently.
Her positive and calm approach to very matter and the non-judgement understanding towards all members makes her so unique.
I’ve had chance to attend in-person Tarot Card Reading with her and I found her to be very professional as well as patient explainer of readings at great spiritual level with adequate empathy. She let you recognize, explore and work on your positive qualities which you have but unrecognized.
Her way of treating the group as family and reading the cards at personal level makes the clients and colleagues feel more heard, connected and mskes every session an utmost winner. Being an attendant of view of her sessions, I highly recommend using her coaching sessions and card reading services. It’ll not only answer many questions, but will also provide some new prospects and more positivity in life.