The power of thoughts, words and music over your body

The power of thoughts, words and music over your body

Photo credit to Aaron Burden

Let's briefly talk about how our thoughts, words and music affect water's molecular structure, and therefore - your body.

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiment has shown that water structure is affected by vibrational energy, thoughts, words, prayer and music by creating either beautiful crystals or chaotic crystalline structure.

How do your thoughts affect your health given that water comprises of over 80% of human body?

For the easier observation (without the use of microscope), there is an easy at-home rice experiment, you can perform, which shows how water changes its structure and exudes a sweet scent, or causes molding of rice.

  1. Simply place an even amount of the cooked rice in jars with a bit of water.

2. Label the jars as in the picture below.

3. Each day affirm love or hate to the two of the jars, while leaving one out.

4. Wait about 30 days, and observe the results.


Remember to think positive, use affirmations, and send your body love daily.

This was just a brief info, for more insight on the experiment, visit the reference section below.

Enjoy! :)


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