How to manifest things in steps based on your frequency signature

How to manifest things in steps based on your frequency signature

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Your frequency signature is your total frequency of your atomic, mental and emotional body added together. What you attract is based on the total frequency you're on. For more info on physics behind the LOA, visit the post 1 and 2 taken from our LOA classes.

Here are the following steps on how to manifest based on your frequency

  1. Decide what you want.
  2. Check how you feel about it. Think about the subject you want to manifest, let's say, it's more money. What do you feel when you think about money? Do you feel worried, anxious, or do you feel free and that you're always provided for and taken care of? Find where on the emotional guidance scale you are on that subject. If you're trying to manifest it, that thing is likely not in your life yet to the degree, you'd like to be - it means you’re not matching its frequency. You're likely somewhere on the lower end of the scale.

In order for you to perceive what you want in your reality i.e. more money, your frequency on the subject of money has to match the emotion of feeling good on that subject. That's when step no. 3 comes in.

3. Use one of the 22 Abe processes that work for the emotional frequency range to move up the scale on the subject you want to manifest. The process will shift your thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and match you up with what you're trying to manifest. You can find the processes described in separate LOA posts (LOA part 1 and part 2).

Keep in mind the 17 second rule

17 seconds of pure thought = 2000 hrs of action work

  • you only have 17 seconds to share the bad news before you start a negative manifestation
  • 3 times 17 seconds = 68 seconds - quite strong momentum of thought (strong attraction)


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