Law of Attraction - pt. 2. meaning behind dreams, 17 second rule, emotional guidance scale, 1-7 Abe processes

Law of Attraction - pt. 2. meaning behind dreams, 17 second rule, emotional guidance scale, 1-7 Abe processes

So grateful for all your questions tonight, and a great group of people! <3

So important to surround ourselves with like-minded, growth-oriented and curious people.

You will be able to review the class content in this post.

  • Review of most important points from class#1 (you can find the notes in the LOA class #1 post).
  • Work with emotional guidance scale - we will use it every class to know our emotional set point
  • Processes numbered from 1-7-give it a try- practice at home
  • Meaning behind dreams - they are linked to LOA
  • How to manifest -I’ll go over few scenarios of how things happen
  • 17 second rule

We first looked at some basic ideas from the first LOA class

  1. Everything vibrates - states the law of vibration which is a foundation for the law of attraction. All particles are in motion (gas, liquid, solid), something may appear solid but we know its particles still vibrate. Law of attraction is closely linked to frequencies.

We don’t want to go too deep into physics. We will focus on what is important for this class. Vibration is a type of motion, flow of electrons, and because of the vibrating motion anything that vibrates has a frequency [Hz].

2. People, objects and experiences have vibrations assigned to them, therefore frequencies and wavelengths.

Our feelings and thoughts have frequencies assigned to them->this we don’t know from school although it does make sense if everything  is said to vibrate.

For me to be aware of the object (be able to perceive it), be at a job I am, have the people around me I have, I have to be matching all these frequencies.

Nothing “magical” about this.

3. We read vibrations of things with receptors in our bodies and that’s how we experience our reality through our senses. Whatever we experience is because of our senses.

We read vibrations of our surroundings with our 5 senses: smell, taste, touch, sight, hearing.
*blue color blind person may not see color blue but it doesn’t mean this color doesn’t exist - it doesn’t exist in their reality.

There is one sense that is not often discussed in the traditional education - it's our EMOTIONS, or so-called "Emotional Guidance System".

How does it work?

Just like receptors in our eyes, read vibrations of what we perceive, our emotions read vibrations of things we are “attracting” on every particular subject.

In other words, when we feel joyful about our romantic relationship, it is a sign we are on a frequency of joy in this particular subject, and therefore will attract more joyful experiences in our relationship, that will only confirm our vibration of joy.

If we feel frustrated about money (we are on a frequency of frustration on the subject of money), we will attract more frustrating circumstances on the subject of money.

The trick is to think and feel positive on purpose on the subjects we care about to attract more of the positive experiences -> that's where the "processes" which shift vibrations to the higher ones come in. We will talk about them later on.

Below, you may find two examples of a vibrational guidance scale. Each emotion has a corresponding frequency to it, measured in Hz.

Some people may be more sensitive to energy and may read/feel the vibration (the energy/flow of electrons) of a place, object or a person since it all vibrates.
We talk about “a vibe” someone gives us before they start speaking, gut feelings, intuition, we feel stared at -> that’s when we pick up a vibration of things but can’t explain it based on the knowledge acquired in school.
A pubs, for example, may have a specific vibration because of the combination of its physical building, furniture, people, who spend time there, events, etc.

Thoughts and emotions also have specific frequencies and are attractive in nature.

Approaching LOA from the more scientific perspective I’m giving you, will give you a consistent formula that will give you consistent results. Soon, you’ll be able to predict your future experiences based on the emotions you feel, and go back and understand how past experiences came about.
In my own case, I roughly see what I’m attracting and I will stop my thought and emotion before I attract something unwanted. True story! Happens to me all the time!

  • We are only able to perceive what is in our vibrational range.
  • Since “like attracts like” as per law of attraction positive thoughts attract more positive thoughts on the same frequency, and the other way around
  • Positive thoughts also attract positive events and positive people - all that on the same vibrational frequency
  • Emotions we feel tell us what experiences we attract

The law of attraction implies bringing something to us (from thin air), but it’s more like all the things we want are there all the time, we just can’t perceive/experience them, we don’t have access to them unless we match the frequency of them.

Law of attraction = like attracts like, like frequencies attract like frequencies, gratitude attracts more things to be grateful for, etc.

Law of vibration (everything vibrates) -> everything has a frequency-> like frequencies are attracted to each other (Law of attraction).

  • We are only able to perceive what is in our vibrational range. Everything else is unavailable to us.
  • We have a frequency signature which is a collective total frequency of our atomic body (our physical body), our mental body (our thoughts), and emotional body (our feelings). We are a “walking ball of energy”  that vibrates.-
  • VERY IMPORTANT is understanding this - Frequency signature (our combined total frequency) varies at any given moment depending on how our body changes (food, exercise)/thoughts and how we feel. Our total frequency changes from moment to moment.
  • I really want to emphasize how changeable our frequencies are depending on how we feel since we are able to perceive/attract based on those frequencies.
    At 1pm my frequency signature -> what I am attracting may be different than what I am attracting at 1.01pm

Our frequency will largely depend on our thoughts that cause feelings.
Again, we are only able to perceive what is in our vibrational range. Everything else is unavailable to us.
I can only see and experience things I consider “good” when I am on higher frequencies. I can only experience worrisome circumstances when I am worried. Nothing else is available.


I.e. I’m waiting for a blood test result and I want it to turn out okay. I’m gonna get myself on a higher frequency, I will appreciate things, think of pets, and other things that make me feel good, so when I go pick up my test - I can only see good result.
I.e. I wrote the test, compared my answers with my classmates and knew I had some things wrong, so won’t get an A. On the day of the test results, I got on a high vibration, stayed positive and I just knew I want an A, I’m an A student (my belief so practiced thought), I wanted to "change the past” and attract a different outcome despite my mistakes on the test. I was positive, felt good, listened to music - teacher gave back the test - turned out she made mistakes and had to give us bonus marks and despite my mistakes I got an A - my ultimate goal was not have everything correct but to get an A. What would have happened if I worried about my mark and focused on the mistakes I made? I would have attracted a bad mark because I would have been on a frequency of worry.

From moment to moment we attract new things.

So the bottom line is that time is not linear, everything is happening at the same time, what we perceive/experience is determined by our frequency, it does not matter what happened in the past, we can still change the outcome by changing our frequency

Poverty are here for you to experience and opportunities and wealth are here for you to experience. Which frequency are you going to match?

we think -> we feel emotions -> we vibrate (we have a combined frequency signature of our overall vibration) -> we attract good or bad experiences

If you think of a problem, lack of money, loneliness, you will attract more loneliness and lack of money. You can’t repel it. You can’t attract money when you feel poor or believe you don’t deserve it.
There is no repulsion in this universe, so when we keep thinking of something good or bad - we bring it to ourselves. We cannot solve a problem by focusing on it. We need to get our attention of the problem to bring about solution.

Let's look again at the emotional guidance scale

All the things we want are “located” on the top of the emotional scale because all the things we want would make us feel all these top, positive emotions.

All the things we don’t want would make us feel negative emotions, so they are “located” on the bottom half of the scale.

We learnt last class that our frequencies (frequencies of our thoughts and our feelings) have to match the happy frequencies in order for us to be able to perceive the reality that we desire.

We can tell what we are attracting based on how we feel (where we are on the scale when we think of money, health, relationship, our friends, etc.)

We can be on a frequency of frustration when we think of money it means we attract more frustrating circumstances, and be on a frequency of joy about our relationship, so we attract joyful circumstances in our relationship.

Now, we understand we need to move up the scale using processes we talked about last class. Not every process works for every situation. When we are angry, we don’t want to appreciate this situation this is when we start with a process of the lower number.

Before you choose a process make sure you are in the vibrational range for it. We will talk about lower number processes for when you feel lower emotions during the next class. If you don't feel good about the subject you want to work with - >use the process of meditation first to fix your vibration, and then use the other processes.

Process #2 -The Magical Creation Box Use between Appreciation to Optimism

Find a nice looking box. On lid write “Whatever is contained in this box...IS”. Clip out pictures from magazines of things/places/situations that please you. When you are away from box, continue to find pictures. Write out descriptions of what you desire, drop into box. The more you clip, the better you feel. Helps focus your desires. Consciously amplifies Step 1 (asking). By dropping them into the box, you turn it over to the Universal Manager, increasing your allowing. You can also mentally drop things into your box if you’re away from the box. Helps focus you on what you WANT.

Process #3 –The Creative Workshop Use in the Emotional Ranges: Joy/Appreciation to Optimism

Best effective when done in writing. 4 pieces of paper: My Body, My Home; My Relationships; My Work. Write a short list of things that you want with respect to each topic. Focus on Each statement and focus on why. Answer it. Because...; Do this with each of the four headings. Focus on what is most immediate and important. When you make more specific statements and why, you soften resistance and increase clarity. "Why" is powerful. Do not concern yourself with "when".

Process #1: Rampage of Appreciation: Vibrational requirement when I think of […] I feel between Joy and Optimism.
This process will help you achieve even greater vibration. Can be done anywhere. The basic idea is to pick something that already makes you happy and continue to add to it all the things that you appreciate about it. Keep looking for deeper levels of appreciation of everything around you. My career if I’m between 1 and 5 - what am I grateful for?
I love the environment, my coworkers, I feel appreciated, I like stability, etc. - this way you really anchor your job in this high frequency and will attract only good

Process #5: The Prosperity Game: Vibrational requirement between Joy and Discouragement.
If you want to start vibrating as someone who attracts abundance into their lives, this process is perfect for you. The short of it: every day imagine that $1,000 dollar increments continue to be deposited in your bank account. For example day one you’d receive $1,000, day two $2,000, day three $3,000 and so on up until you begin to notice abundance coming into your life.
The more real you can make this, the better. For example, you could actually use real deposit slips and old checks to simulate depositing the money and spending it on something. It’s important that you go through the process of finding things to spend the money on everyday and writing that down as a ‘withdrawal’ from your account.

Process #4 –Virtual Reality(feeling good, practice allowing; extend/expanda good feeling) Use in the Emotional Ranges: Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation to Boredom
Your point of attraction is now, what you’re giving your thoughts. Remember we talked about it. It’s all now, we attract from moment to moment. We may be attracting the same thing over again but really past doesn’t matter. Deliberately activate a pleasant scene in your mind. Imagine it anyway it feels good to you. You have a million bucks; you’re running a triathlon; you’re in love with the perfect mate...fill in and imagine it any way that feels wonderful to you. The moment it doesn’t. Stop. Get in. Get out.

Process #6 –The Process of Meditation ( Works for Everything )relief from resistance; immediate raising of your vibration; awareness of your Inner BeingUse in all the Emotional Ranges: Use your breath. Slowly breathe in to the count of 4 and out to the count of 8. Do this for at least 5 minutes until you can feel that you are not activating any resistant thoughts. Now you’re in Well Being. If thoughts come into your mind, just don’t attach to them; let them go, return your focus to your breath. Feel it in your body, nose, and chest. Breathe deeply, slowly, evenly. Keep returning your focus to your breath. Continue until there are no more negative thoughts being activated, then continue for a few more minutes until you feel the peace and calm throughout your body. Use this anytime, anyplace, anywhere.How about every time you need to go to the bathroom, a break. Good time to renew your connection with your Inner Being and begin a new segment refreshed.

Let’s talk about the meaning behind dreams and last process for today

Process #7 –Evaluating Dreams(why you had a dream; what you’re in the process of creating) Use in all Emotional Ranges:

Dreams match the thoughts you’ve been thinking. If in your dreams, you’ve given significant thought to it. They tell you what you are in the process of creating in the physical reality. Better to evaluate dream before manifestation. Before sleep say to yourself, “It is my intention to rest well and wake up refreshed. I acknowledge that my dreams can inform me of what I am on the way to creating.”In the morning when you awaken, lay there quietly for a few minutes and ask yourself, “Is there anything that I remember from my dreamtime?”As you begin to recall, try to remember how you FELT during your dream. Your meaningful dreams are accompanied by emotion. How did you feel as that was happening?A good feeling dream points to a manifestation coming that you will enjoy. If negative feelings, you can change your attraction point by raising the beliefs revealed in your dream. Now you’re aware, and you can deliberately change by your awareness. You do not create while you’re dreaming. Once awake, those thoughts create. It’s helpful to create a journal. Record settings, others, and above all, your feelings. .

Let’s look at some examples
A person calls you but they are upset - but you’re on a frequency of optimism - they won’t be able to get through and reach you.
You’re supposed to get a bad mark on your test, you know of the mistakes you’ve made - but your frequency is one of gratitude -  either you get a good mark because of special circumstances or they won’t give u your test that day.
You can only get a negative diagnosis from the doctor if you either have a negative belief about your health, or you’re on the lower frequency that day. One you get on a higher frequency the diagnosis can be corrected.

Are you “pregnant” with your desires?

A pregnant woman cannot see the baby yet, but knows the baby is coming and plans for the nursery and expects the baby to come.
The Universe is “pregnant” with your desires, guys!
Once you follow the process, just know it’s there and get prepared, expect money/career/love life to be the way you want it to be - all u need to do, is to match the vibration of what you want. Act like what you want is already in the making, act like it’s here, like you know for sure your dreams are coming true and it will be!

Let’s talk about why is it that so many people are so miserable, negative and fearful

Planet Earth itself has a low vibration and a corresponding density that is pulling us down a bit. Therefore, we need to put in the work to stay on higher frequencies to attract positive experiences.
We need to put in the work to shift our vibration higher, but when you think about it, when you want to accomplish your dream life you also have to put in the time and the work to get there.
Good news is that the time you’d put into shifting your vibration using processes, is a lot shorter than the action hours you’d have to take to accomplish the same goal. Let’s say you want to attract a career. You need to hand in resumes, apply, network or focus your energy and get on the right vibration and attract it right into your life.

Have you ever heard of the 17 second rule?

17 seconds of pure thought is equivalent to 2000 hours of action
Can you believe that? Now, it makes sense why we should do the energetic work over the action work.

If you can stay focused on the subject that you have chosen for another 17 seconds, at the moment that you cross the 34 second mark that is just two times 17 this now more evolved thought will attract unto it and – in other words, the thoughts attract each other. Your thought draws another and the other thought draws it, thoughts that are same in nature come together.

Let’s try the rampage of appreciation and look at all the things that are going right to work with process #1

We can be laying asleep at night and we don’t have to be putting in work in order to make our heart pump the blood.
When we get injured or get a cut, our white cells rush in order to heal the wound. We don’t need to do anything. Our bodies are self-healing mechanisms. They work so hard to fix all the issues. Even if our diet isn’t perfect or people abuse their bodies with drugs or alcohol, our bodies do their best to go back to the equilibrium state.
We have lots of services we can be grateful for. Let’s think of us purchasing a salad. There are people involved in growing and harvesting veggies, people involved in packaging and delivery, and etc. You can be grateful for all that work and effort.
You can be grateful for your friend inviting you to this class, for this moment, for things you’re learning, your own growth. You can appreciate yourself for your willingness to learn!

2 major benefits of this class
1. Yes, you learn new things!
2. BUT this class shifts your vibration!
Typically if you felt unwell, worried, frustrated before the class you are now somewhere around the vibration of hope as you find out all these new very important info, which you're now already on the way to attract better outcomes. If you started this class from joy and excitement then you may have shifted to gratitude.

Next class May 9th (classes twice a month)!

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Darryl Anka Quote: “You cannot perceive what you are not in the vibration of.”
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