How your self-worth affects the kind of life you're creating

How your self-worth affects the kind of life you're creating

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We have learned in the previous posts and classes that it is crucial to feel deserving of the things we want to attract in order to attract them.

In other words, our self-worth in a large scale determines what we bring into our lives. Successful career or lack of money? Happy or difficult relationships? Whatever it is that you are currently experiencing, is what you are a vibration on and in this moment feel worthy of.

You might think to yourself "I deserve something better", but if it is not reflected in your life yet, then you are on a vibration of unworthiness on that specific subject, and deep down there is a feeling of insecurity about that specific thing.

Not to worry though, just like pretty much any condition you're experiencing, it CAN be changed.

Let's look at a few things to keep in mind

  • Self-esteem or lack thereof always comes from childhood.

For example, we might have been raised in a society where self-sacrifice is rewarded, therefore its opposite - selfishness, or even putting your own needs first, will be condemned. In order to survive as kids, we adopt values of our social group.

  • The concept of "worth” is subjective. I.e. a manually skilled child raised in an intellectual family may not feel good about himself, conversely an academically skilled child raised among farmers may not be considered valuable and may not feel “worthy”. We might be born into a social group, where our own innate values are not in alignment with the social group’s specific needs and values. Let’s then realize there is no such thing as “universal worth” and we are better off working with and dating people whose needs are met by our value, while appreciating those with skills different from ours.

Few tips on how to improve self-worth

Understand you can’t fix what you don’t know, so keep exploring, be curious…

  1. Affirmations are great because they become beliefs - repeated thoughts create beliefs that determine how we view ourselves and the world around us, I.e. “I am capable and deserving of...”, “I am good enough.”
  2. Make sure your sense of self-worth isn't dependent on anything you do. Does your value depend on productivity? Having productivity define your self-worth is not worth the cost of having low-self worth.
  3. Stop comparing yourself to others, your case is unique and you don’t know what others are going through, so only compare yourself to yourself from yesterday/the past.
  4. Understand there is no perfectionism because everyone understands it in their own way, and trying to be perfect to your standards is slowing you down, let's say when you're perfecting something before handing it in.
  5. Give yourself credit -  you made it to the Earth, you’re already the chosen one - biologically the odds of you being born as you are about 1 in 400 trillion. In a way we are already winners!

Knowing what we learn, can I attract a better self-worth?



Take your attention of all the things you are not, and live in an appreciation of what you ARE -> you can use the rampage of appreciation of yourself. Write down things you like about yourself and contemplate them.

How do I know if I emit vibration of lack of self-worth?

Just like in any other case, you’ll have evidence around you showing you your vibration. If you’re not appreciated or respected by people, coworkers - > it means that your vibration on the self-worth subject is one of unworthiness. Let’s see where that is on the scale.

Unworthiness is the second lowest emotion (in grey), so when we do not feel worthy and hang out on that frequency for a while, we will attract people and circumstances that will emphasize this vibration to us, so show us our unworthiness.

Therefore, self-worth is something worth looking into in order to manifest the life you want!


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