How to ACTUALLY meditate - yes, it is easy and more important than anything else you could do right now

How to ACTUALLY meditate - yes, it is easy and more important than anything else you could do right now
Photo by Paul Gilmore / Unsplash

To be truthful, I can't think of one person I read for (psychic reading) or taught that told me they could meditate. I used to think meditating was hard too when I first started back in 2013. It seemed like something rather weird and I did not see the point of it.

Let's just start with some facts: we attract everything that is a match to our thoughts and feelings that have their own frequencies. High positive emotions attract good outcomes and healing, negative low emotions attract unwanted outcomes.

Let me just tell you - meditation increases your frequency and therefore makes you attract better outcomes in EVERY area of your life. Meditation moves you up the emotional scale no matter how bad you feel. The difference between healing and getting more sick is the difference between staying in the emotion of hope vs. staying in the emotion of worry. It is a reset point for our frequencies of attraction. Therefore regular meditation can fix almost every situation.

I recommend doing it every morning to get your day off to a good start.

"I can't meditate. My mind keeps wondering. How do I do it?"

I read and taught over a hundred of people by now, and it either took one or a few times of following my instructions to reach the meditative state, which proves that with the right guidance anyone can do it, and it does not have to take months of practice. All it takes, is good instructions and being willing to follow them.

What is the goal of meditation? It is to stop the thoughts from coming by thinking of something boring (like counting breaths) to give our mind a chance to reset.

In this post, I'd like to share with you the instructions I like to give to my students as I guide them into the few minutes of spiritual bliss. I will tell you the way I teach meditation, but essentially, anything you can do to stop your thoughts from coming is a good method.

First of all, as you might have heard from other sources, you need to find a comfortable position - this is so you don't get bothered by any aches or pains that would distract you while meditating.

Second, here - I'll give you my personal instructions that likely will be new to you. You need to make sure that most of your physical senses are busy with something. You will be listening to a meditative audio (I recommend a meditation music over a guided meditation) - that takes care of your sense of hearing. Next, you need to close your eyes and give your eyes a job - I recommend imagining numbers, counting your breaths, and assigning colors to the numbers. You can go with something like: 1 - glittery pink, 2 - red that looks like fireworks, etc.

It is good to imagine as many details as you can. You'd also be breathing deeply, and counting your breaths while imagining the colorful numbers.

Thoughts might and will come, this is how your mind operates. They can be thoughts, such as "I need to do the dishes later" or "I have to pick up the kids" or "I don't think I am doing it correctly", but you need to know that when they come, you should release them and go back to the counting.

I challenge you to try, and I promise it will be worth it.