What's the big deal about positive thinking? Law of Attraction - pt. 1

What's the big deal about positive thinking? Law of Attraction - pt. 1

We had an amazing group of eager to learn people on Zoom the other day. We have a pleasure to share with you the summary of the first class in this post.

We started with learning a bit of physics behind the positive thinking, and the basics of the law of attraction.

Lesson 1 - Introduction

  • physics behind the LOA explained
  • meaning behind thoughts and feelings
  • emotional guidance scale
  • introduction to 22 processes

You must have heard of the power of positive thinking as all self-help books talk about benefits of steering your mind in that direction.

Albert Einstein once said that “Everything in Life is Vibration”

  • Everything vibrates. Particles of every objects, including solid physical objects are in a constant motion and depending on the speed of these atoms, things appear as a solid, liquid, or gas. Sound is also a vibration and so are thoughts.
  • We live in a physical reality. We doubt things we cannot experience through our physical senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. The sensing organs associated with each sense read vibrational frequencies of the signals and send information to the brain to enable us understand and perceive the world around us.
  • Just like sound and other signals recognized by receptors in our bodies vibrate, so do our physical bodies (atomic body), thoughts (mental body) and feelings (emotional body). The reason why we see/smell/taste/touch/things is because we match the frequencies of what we see/smell/taste/touch, etc.
  • Whatever is not perceived by our physical senses does not "exist" in our reality just like color blue does not "exist" in the reality of a blue color blind person, which does not ultimately mean color blue is nonexistent.
  • I.e. I perceive an emergency vehicle approaching me because I am matching a frequency of the emergency vehicle with my sense of sight, so I either thought of an emergency vehicle earlier, or believe at this rush hour there are lots of emergency vehicles, or possibly I believe I see emergency vehicles often or at this location there are lots of them. Some thought or a belief is vibrating within me that is matching the frequency of an emegency vehicle without me knowing about it.

There is nothing "magical" about the law of vibration & law of attraction

I don’t like the word “attraction”, it implies magically bringing something into our reality, we don’t bring money into our lives, but for example, through our high vibration of being grateful for money we are able to perceive them in our reality, while they are there all the time, we just are not able to access them through our senses unless we vibrate correctly. If we would experience gratefulness and happiness with money, once we are grateful and happy we will be able to perceive money and opportunities. So vibration first, experience second.

What is law of attraction?

  • It is one of the many universal laws, such as law of gravity and always works regardless of our personal circumstances and our knowledge of it. We don’t study it in school, therefore, many of us until we try it for ourselves do not even know about its existence.
  • Law of attraction (abbrev. loa) is always working without us being conscious of it; just like law of gravity still applies to children, who aren’t aware of it.
  • Whether you believe it or not, you’re still under the influence of loa, so teaching how loa works is not about teaching you how to "use the loa", you're already "using" it, just like you're affected by the law of gravity, learning how it works is about setting the right intentions and being delibarete to accomplish desired outcomes instead of arbitrary ones.

What we need to know

  • Our thoughts and feelings have attractive power/“thoughts create things” (we’ll learn how this works soon)
  • Like attracts like - positive thoughts/feelings attract positive experiences because of the frequency match, conversely negative thoughts/feelings attract negative experiences
  • It’s all about frequencies and vibrations, which we will learn about in this post
  • Understand that you are already “using” the law of attraction, just like you are “using” law of gravity. Your family, your partner, your children, their behaviour, your career - are all a reflection/result of your thought patterns and feelings on those subjects. What we see around us was all attracted by us, to us with the law of attraction without us knowing about it.
  • Your positive thoughts will cause positive feelings which attract positive experiences.
  • You may love some aspects of your life, say you like your kids and not like the others, like your career, financial situation but the great thing is that when you understand that those are just the results of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs, you'll understand that thoughts and beliefs CAN BE CHANGED to attract other reality on purpose.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” - Nikola Tesla

Vision is our dominant sense. What we can’t see, we often assume does not exist. It’s still there though. Sight is very limited.

Can you see electricity? Of course we can’t. It’s there. Can we see gravity? No, we can only test that it works. Same with law of attraction, we can test to know it works.

Let's go back to the fact that everything, literally everything including our thoughts and feelings vibrates and have frequencies.

A Painting we look at is just multiple combined frequencies.

Our eyes have three types of photoreceptors (cones) responsible for color vision. When we see red in a painting, it's because that color's frequency is in the painting and within the red photoreceptor in our eye, causing them to co-resonate with each other – thus making visible the color red in the painting. It's the same for any other color. If the photoreceptors in our eyes don't respond to blue frequencies, as is the case for a blue color blind person, that color doesn't “exist” in our reality. IT’S STILL THERE THOUGH despite us not seeing it.

This works equally for all aspects of reality because everything is nothing more than combined frequencies, each combination determining and expressing its uniqueness by its composition.

Frequency signature doesn't apply only to objects. Every thought, emotion, circumstance or event has a signature determining its distinctive perceivable characteristics.

We are a combination of different frequencies at any given moment.

We are a different combination of frequencies when we are sad than when we are happy. We attract based on those frequencies.

We “attract”/perceive
experiences by matching frequencies of those experiences. That’s the reason they happen.

Frequencies of our thoughts and feelings can be measured.
Perceived reality matches the frequency signatures. "Happy" frequency matches "happy" circumstances.

ATTRACTION is not the most accurate word - it’s the woo woo word.

Attraction implies bringing something to us (from thin air), but it’s more like all the things we want are there all the time, we just can’t perceive/experience them, we don’t have access to them unless we match the frequency of them.

Can’t match the frequency of being rich if you emit frequency of lack of money.

Can’t be healed when you keep thinking about health problems you have.

Let’s look at examples of some frequencies. corresponding to emotions

When we emit certain emotions (we emit their frequencies) we attract experiences matching them
i.e. frequency of anger will make us turn on our TV and hear the news that will only confirm the frequency of anger, and will make us angry.

When we hear people laughing at the store - it means we are on a happy frequency, for example.

When we are fearful, we will see/experience/hear things that will confirm we are on the frequency of fear.

Now, that we understand the following, we understand the necessity of staying on high/positive frequencies in order to create the positive experiences. Now, the trick is to figure out how to consistently stay on the high vibration and that’s where Emotional Guidance Scale and 22 processes come in handy.

But let’s first look at few basic important terms

Emotions are caused by thoughts, therefore, we say thoughts attract, but it really are the emotions that attract based on the corresponding frequencies

Why do we have emotions? Emotional guidance system is nonverbal way to let us know what experience we are moving towards. Imagine if we heard voices in our head to let us know we are attracting something bad, that’d be disturbing to us. Emotions are a perfect way to signal what we are attracting.

Positive/negative emotions - moving towards positive/negative experiences

Belief - a thought we keep thinking multiple times. Therefore negative beliefs can be changed. By practising different thoughts to attract desirable experiences by changing thought patterns.

You cannot stop manifesting. All you can do is be aware of what you're manifesting and change your experiences by changing your frequency signature.

Contrast - negative experiences that give birth to more powerful desires.

Let’s look at the Emotional Guidance Scale

  • Just like in the picture on slide #10, each emotion correspond to a different frequency
  • Look at where fear of coronavirus is. Did you know babies have only two fears? Fear of falling and loud noises. All other fears are acquired.
  • Look at where gratitude and appreciation are
  • We attract based on the frequency we are on. i.e. when we are grateful, we attract more things to be grateful for.
  • We can feel different emotions on different subjects, and therefore attract different circumstances, i.e. have money but poor health. i.e. we can be on a frequency of worry about money and attract more worry some circumstances. Be on a frequency of hopefulness on the subject of relationship with our kids, which will be an improvement from anger, i.e. if we were upset at them, and hope for them to be better next time, we are hopeful, so it’ll get better compared to as if we stayed in the anger.
  • INTERESTING frequency of anger is higher than frequency of sadness.
    Disease and viruses reside on the lower frequencies of fear/guilt, etc. - that’s why if we stay on higher frequencies we are not matching disease even if we come in contact with it, vs. depressed people are the most prone to attracting even more health conditions.

As you see, the trick is to stay on the high frequencies as all the good health, money, relationships, lifestyle we want, would make us feel happy, so FIRST we have to be on a happy frequency, and THEN we will attract it.


Not the other way around.

Some people may think that they found a great life partner (positive experience) and that’s why now they are happy on the relationship subject (emotion), but in truth, they must have first felt optimistic and felt like they deserve a great husband/wife before they attracted them to their reality.
Yes - once they have a great partner they will keep their frequency high on this subject by observing their reality. But what if I don’t have a great partner/money, etc.?

Universe does not understand the difference between pretend games and reality. It’ll manifest a great relationship as long as you match the high frequency.

22 processes to move up the emotional scale.

Different processes will work for different emotional frequencies. i.e. Rampage of appreciation works for the top 5. We’ll learn more about it as we move forward.

Rampage of Appreciation
The Magical Creation Box
The Creative Workshop
Virtual Reality
The Prosperity Game
The Process of Meditation
Evaluating Dreams
The Book of Positive Aspects
The Place Mat Process
Segment Intending
Wouldn’t It Be Nice If…?
Which Thought Feels Better?
The Process of Clearing Clutter for Clarity
The Wallet Process
The Focus Wheel Process
Finding the Feeling-Place
Releasing Resistance to Become Free of Debt
Turning It Over to the Manager
Reclaiming One’s Natural State of Health
Moving Up The Emotional Scale

Let’s talk about some more examples

  • Let's say we are on a frequency of blame. Someone did something to us. We feel it was unjust. Rampage of Appreciation won’t work cuz we are too low on the scale.
  • Processes 5,6,7 will work so The Prosperity Game, The Process of Meditation, Evaluating Dreams.
  • Meditation is a process that moves us up the emotional scale from every frequency.

We’ll talk more about processes during the next few classes as to cover it.
Contrast i.e.
I notice I don’t have much money. I launch a desire I want more money, now I have 3options:
1. I keep complaining and being negative (on a low frequency) therefore contradicting my desire - my desire won’t come to fruition.
2. I stay optimistic (high frequency) and not contradict it - it’ll manifest.
3. I don’t think about it at all, but believe it can happen and stay hopeful - it’ll manifest.

We host our classes biweekly and the next class is coming up on April 25th at 6pm Mountain Time on Zoom.

Meeting ID: 787 189 8224 or join it through the following link

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