Practical examples and tips on thinking thoughts into existence, law of attraction class pt.3.

Practical examples and tips on thinking thoughts into existence, law of attraction class pt.3.

Picture credit: Lukas Blazek

This is what we did last night in part 3.

If you need to catch up, you can find the basics in the posts part 1 and 2 on law of attraction that can be accessed from the main page.

Let's start by looking at some interesting facts

Vibration of a problem is different than a vibration of a solution.

  • You can’t solve a problem by being focused on a problem (emitting frequency of a problem), you need to distract yourself from the problem, think of something else, preferably something pleasant, that's when you'll feel better and therefore, raise your vibrational frequency -> get on a frequency of a solution. You may find you come up with great ideas and solutions, while relaxed in the shower, or in the morning.

Vibration of a lost object is different than a vibration of an object available for us to find.

  • You cannot find an object that’s lost because if you think it’s lost it will be “lost” for your eyes/available to see and that’d be the frequency you are matching. When you take your attention off the object being lost, so stop looking for it, you’ll find it. :) We know this situation really well.

We romantically like people, who don’t like us. Why?

  • When we want someone to like us so much, the underlying emotion of that desire is fear that something will not go right, that someone will not like us back. The vibration of fear is what blocks our desire of wanting someone to like us from manifesting. It is best to lightly approach relationships and friendships, and appreciate positive aspects of them in order for them to be successful.

Analogy of a fire

Let's imagine anything we are manifesting through our thoughts, wanted or unwanted is like a fire, and our thoughts and feelings are like wood. In order to keep the fire burning, we have to add wood to it.

Therefore, every time we think positive/negative thoughts and feel feelings, we are adding wood to the fire, energetically feeding the event or a situation.

How do we put out a fire and get rid of unwanted circumstances then?

It's simple. Stop adding wood to the fire. Stop thinking thoughts about it.

Our mind has to always be occupied with something, so you need to distract yourself and give it something to do. Get it busy with thoughts of something you want to attract instead.

Whatever you think about, and the more you think about it, it gets bigger. You may be complaining, the reason why you're complaining will get bigger. The thing you're appreciating, it'll also get bigger.

How can we be aware of the frequency we are on, in other words, let's look at our daily manifestations

Everything we are able to perceive with all our senses is a manifestation, and it is a manifestation because it is in our vibrational range, and matching our own frequency signature.

  1. The other day as I was on my daily walk, feeling okay, not amazing and not bad, I witnessed a homeless person running out of the store, getting chased by the police and being arrested.

Let's analyze it in terms of what was happening to my vibration and how I attracted what I've seen.

Before I witnessed the arrest, I was walking down Stephen Ave and feeling rather tired, it was a gloomy day. Living in dt, I was witnessing how during the quarantine there are a lot of police cars patrolling the city. You couldn't see too many people from the working class in the streets, as everyone stayed mostly at home, and people you would see you passing by in the street were largely homeless. I have seen that many of them have mental conditions, and I have had a belief for a while that a lot of homeless people shop at a dollar store as I have witnessed it many times before.

The universe put that all together for me and when my vibration was rather low it matched and my thoughts on that subject have manifested.

After experiencing that I had two choices:

  1. I can keep thinking about it, telling my friends about it-> practice this vibration and next time, it’ll manifest even stronger, so maybe I’ll have someone I know me, call me about being pulled over or having problems with the police. The experience will come closer to me.
  2. I can let it go and forget about it -> deactivate my vibration about it, and I will stop the negative attraction.

Now, what would have happened if I was feeling great that day, grateful, cheerful happy, but I still had that same belief about lots of police these days in the streets and the dt homeless people. In that specific moment though, I would have felt love and happiness, two outcomes could have occurred. If I felt incredibly good and did not have the negative beliefs about the cops and the homeless active, it would have been forgotten by me at that moment, I probably would have chosen to turn to another street, and never witnessed the event.

However, if something reminded me of my belief, or the thoughts were fresh enough to still be active, and therefore attractive in nature despite my good mood and high vibration, I would have caught a glimpse of the police arrest. Most likely though, what I would have witnessed would not be that bad and would not affect my mood strongly.

We always attract based on our belief and vibration. No exceptions.

There really is no faking it and pretending we feel something we don’t because its like covering a gas tank in your car and pretending you have a fuel when you’re really out - your car will stop.

Our manifestations are the best proof of what is really going on with our vibrational standpoint on all subjects. We must have had a stronger negative vibration of thought or a belief ACTIVE within us if any negative manifestation is showing up.

Tips on money attraction

Easiest way I know to attract abundance is to feel worthy and deserving - > I have a bit of self-worth covered as we move along.

To get on higher frequencies of abundance, you want to spend time doing things you love, listen to music, garden, dance, do your hobbies, and use “the processes”!

Know what you want, how much money you want to have and have a plan on how you’re gonna spend it.

Use the Magical Creation Box, Scripting and Virtual Reality Processes to get specific on what you want and then stay on a high vibration for it all to manifest.

Tips on fixing difficult relationships

For difficult relationships or situations what I advice is deactivating negative beliefs about the people we are having difficulties with.

Start with not thinking about that person/situation, ignoring negative behaviours, therefore not feeding them energetically.

Every time you have a thought about it/person, push it away and think of something else.

The thoughts will lose their momentum and eventually dissipate
Your vibration on the subject will naturally rise and you’ll attract a better experience next time you come back to it :)

So everything we perceive is matching something active within us, a thought, a belief and anything else we gave our attention to

When you see someone abundant around you, people being successful, laughing, it means you have a point of attraction within you that matches it.

If that's the experience - continue - use rampage of appreciation process to milk it!