What's the purpose and benefit of negative experiences in terms of energy and vibration?

What's the purpose and benefit of negative experiences in terms of energy and vibration?

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How do negative experiences (we call them "contrast") work?

Whenever we experience something we don’t want, we know better what we do want.

We experience something we don’t like, we clarify what we want. What happens then in terms of energy? We ask with our thoughts and feelings for an improved experience (step 1), and now we have two choices:
We focus on a problem, complain about the negative experience -> get on a low frequency -> manifest more contrast according to the low frequency we are on OR
We focus on the desire created out of contrast and stay on a high frequency (step 2)-> manifest an improved experience (step 3)

Step 1 - negative experience (contrast) causes us to ask for a better experience
Step 2 - we stay on a high frequency of the desire created out of contrast
Step 3 - manifestation happens

I.e. Someone is mean to us. We think and feel, we wish they had treated us better -> that’s how our new desire is created and how we automatically ask for an improved condition. That’s why we have already asked and there is no need to ask again (therefore we don’t need to write it down again).

Clarification when we write things down, we aren’t asking (we already have asked “automatically” while experiencing contrast) -> that’s why we write things in a present tense because they are not the asking part (not step 1), but the step 2, which is the lining up with the high frequency part, making ourselves believe part as if this manifestation was real.

After we’ve asked
Step 2 is our job - to stay on a high frequency to allow the new, improved experience instead of complaining and being sad (low frequencies).

All affirmations, notes, we write to ourselves aren’t the Step 1 - where we ask for what we want.
They’re actually the step 2, where we want to make ourselves believe that something is real to line up with our desires -> therefore have to be done in the present tense, and will manifest when they will become believable to us.
The asking happens naturally, so our only job is not to question our desires, just allow them to come by staying on high frequencies.

I.e. We experience the lack of money (contrasting experience). We automatically ask the Universe for an improved money condition. Now, instead of complaining, we need to feel positive feelings and get on the high frequency for the situation to improve (we have already asked -it happens automatically). If we stay negative, we will experience lack of $ again.

How law of attraction in time affects generations…
Future generations benefit from our desires that are too unbelievable to us that, we can’t imagine them and therefore manifest. Whatever you can imagine, you can manifest. Whatever you can imagine can be yours instantly, it is yours instantly because it lines up with your beliefs.
I.e. Before airplanes were invented, people used to travel on ships between continents, and it was taking a very long time, so the collective wished for a faster and more efficient way to travel. Many people could not imagine how they could travel through air, but slowly as some inventors were working on various machines, some had a desire strong enough and belief strong enough - they invented airplanes.

We know that… Law of attraction is about inclusion.
Whatever you think about - you offer a vibration about it and as you offer a vibration about it - you include it in your vibration and therefore invite into your experience.
When you think about what you don’t want, you offer a vibration about it, therefore include it in your vibration - invite it.
What is resistance? “Imagine a room fan blowing air at you, very quietly. You know it’s on. You feel the air. You can’t hear it, but you can feel it. Now stick your pencil in the fan. That pencil in the fan would make quite a racket. Wouldn’t it? That pencil in the fan would slow the fan. So you would say the pencil in the fan is resistance. In other words, it slows the motion, or lowers the speed, of the fan. Well, resistance, in your physical realm, in terms of Energy, is the same thing. – Abraham-Hicks -> we will study examples of paths of least resistance
Resistance comes in the form of negative emotions (anger, fear, resentment, pessimism, etc.) and beliefs of lack, scarcity, and unworthiness.
Resistance lowers your vibration and slows your energy down so you can’t catch up to the life you want to create for yourself. In order for the Universe to deliver what you want, it has to receive a clear energetic signal.


Ask and It Is Given - Esther and Jerry Hicks