Let's talk about procrastination in terms of vibrations, frequencies and energy

Let's talk about procrastination in terms of vibrations, frequencies and energy

Photo credit for the cover photo: Erik Witsoe

There are times, we don't feel like doing things, we get distracted and procrastinate.

Some of us beat ourselves up for being lazy, others - find excuses as for why they do not get things done.

We may know of ways of how to deal with procrastination and the psychological take on it, but what is procrastination in terms of energy, vibrations and frequencies?

If you followed any of the law of attraction posts on here, you have probably heard of how emotions guide us by communicating what kind of experiences we are moving towards. When we feel positive emotions when thinking of a specific subject, we are moving towards positive manifestations, conversely, when we feel negative emotions, we are on our way to experience something negative.

So, what does a procrastination feel like to you?

Procrastination feels like being stuck, like we are not doing enough and need to take action.

Not the most positive feeling. It can be linked to frustration and overwhelment, so as we feel these negative emotions, we will attract frustrating and overwhelming circumstances accordingly. Not the most efficient way to go about it, isn't it? It also isn't the most effective energetic standpoint to take action from.

What should we do then? Not take action, and fall behind even more?

How many times have you been following your "to do" list, maybe rushing (fear of being late- low frequency) and every time you want to check something off your list, the person you're calling isn't answering the phone; your appointment gets cancelled, someone tells you they are busy now, and you need to wait, and you can't get anything done.

Conversely, another time, everything gets done quickly, the traffic is smooth, someone offers to take care of something for you, you find your destinations easily, and everything just flows - all that is a sign of your high frequency.

If we feel stuck, we feel like we are procrastinating, it is a signal to us from our emotional guidance system that we should not be taking any action until we fix how we feel or else the result may not be as efficient as it would have been if we have felt better, in other words, if we had been on a higher frequency.

It's best to wait for the feeling of energy alignment before we take action for our action to be most effective since our experience will match our emotions, whether positive or negative.

Don't do anything you do not want to do. Anything you're not "vibrationally" ready for. Listen to music, hug your pet, make a list of things you're grateful for, work with the very effective processes we talk about during our law of attraction classes (you can find more info on that in the law of attraction posts on our home page) - fix your vibration, then take action!

The inspired action is a lot more powerful than the hard work you would have done when your energy is not aligned.

We'll talk more about energy alignment in a separate post.