How our limiting beliefs affect the kind of life we create and how to overcome them

How our limiting beliefs affect the kind of life we create and how to overcome them

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The Role of Limiting Beliefs in our Manifestations

Belief is a thought we keep thinking that has a frequency strong enough to attract reality, much stronger than just a singular thought. A thought can be changed, therefore, a belief can be changed. A belief is more attractive in nature than a thought, therefore a negative belief will win out with positive affirmations until they become beliefs.

Expectation is a powerful vibration that will deliver exactly what we expect. You believe whatever you expect.

Are all beliefs worth fixing right away?

Don’t get overwhelmed. Start with those, which are around the subjects you really care about now.

Belief (assumed reality) -> manifested reality - >strengthened belief

For us to manifest a certain reality, the frequency of our belief and the frequency of our reality must be an exact match.
Beliefs are not true or false, they’re either beneficial or detrimental. You make true what you believe.

Let's look at some ways to change a belief
1. Identify your root beliefs, I.e. “I hate public speaking” is the emotional reaction -> core belief “I’m not good enough, I’m afraid of judgement” Vibration of believing “I’m not good enough”-unworthiness (low) is different than the vibration of looking at our belief “Ahh I see now that I’m not good enough, I’m identifying it” (Higher). - different thought/emotion/frequency
2. Decide if the belief is more beneficial or detrimental.
3. Look at the emotional pay off of the negative beliefs: “I’m not good enough” gives us a pity, comforting, excuse not to proceed with action. Is the emotional payoff worth the limitations? Once you decide you want to change the belief, the belief will start getting weaker.

Emotional payoff is what makes us stick with the belief.
As we said to get rid of limiting belief, we need to:
Identify the belief
Understand emotional payoff is not worth the limitations.
Knock out legs of the table by replacing them with alternative explanation/new evidence for your new belief.

How to knock out legs of “belief table” - example
“I’m unworthy” - belief created by dad criticizing me for bad marks. (1 leg)
Alternate leg for new contradictory belief: my dad was very self-conscious and he thought he failed as a father if his child did not get good marks.
Another leg: I have lots to offer. I’m good at/succeeded at…

Mistakes don’t make people not good enough, they’re part of learning. Once you have a belief, it will manifest everywhere.  You want to reframe all legs of your core belief table with this exercise.

Bottom line is that you need to build your need belief table and build your legs. As you start building a new belief table, new evidence will start flowing into your experience as per law of attraction.
I’m good enough - core belief (table top)
Legs: I have lots to offer other people. I know how to make people feel better. I am a good mother. I always do my best. I succeeded at my career. I have lots of friends.
2. Use positive affirmations correctly -  believable repeated positive ideas and stretching them.
I may not believe I am good enough to be rich, but I believe I am good at … and have lots to offer to other people.

Good things cannot come into your life without invitation. Bad things cannot come to your life without invitation. Your life is a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs. If you want your life to be different, you have to change the story, you’re telling.

Let’s identify the areas where you’re noticing things you may be struggling (attracting negative experiences due to your negative belief), which of these areas are your priority? Do you need improvement as/in
-an employee/employer/coworker/student/ in a work/school environment - likely if you feel not good enough/are you being taken advantage of, belief: undeserving
-a romantic partner - do you feel unappreciated/resentful
-a friend - do you feel taken for granted/do you think like you don’t belong in your group - signs of negative beliefs
-finances - are struggling financially/are your skills not being paid enough for
-health - do you keep catching a cold or have recurring to chronic conditions.

If your conditions need improvement, it means your beliefs in these areas need improvement.


Ask and It Is Given - Esther and Jerry Hicks