Why do we get sick aka your body's way of saying STOP doing what you're doing

Why do we get sick aka your body's way of saying STOP doing what you're doing

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We all know the process. We suddenly get a cough, or a tummy ache and run to the doctor to get the right medication to treat the symptoms. We don't typically assume that our body is trying to convey a message through our symptoms. The message can be as simple as "you didn't dress warm enough", "you should not eat this again",  "you should not be around these people" or "you should quit your job, you hate it, you'll get a heart attack if you continue".

Our bodies are complex biochemical mechanisms and whether you believe in the idea of a soul or not, it's hard to doubt that there isn't such thing as a human essence and we are not just our bodies.

MacDougall's experiment popularized the idea that the soul has weight, and that it weighs precisely 21 grams. There was a movie called "21 grams" made by the director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu that I had a pleasure to meet back in 2015 during his work on his movie "The Revenant" with Leonardo DiCaprio here in Calgary.

As a side note, the concept of a soul having weight to it, was first introduced to me when I was asked to learn a bit about filmography of Gonzalez Inarritu before my job interview with him, and I found it fascinating and relevant, so I encourage you to look it up!

In summary, you could say, you are not your body, and that your soul or your essence is housed within your body. Since your body is mobile, I'd consider it being a motorhome for your essence.

You cannot expect your vehicle is gonna run smooth unless you change your oil, and do the required maintenance (analogically, you need to take care of your body and once in a while get a check-up!) and that it will drive well on a slippery road unless you put the winter tires on (wear warm clothes when it's cold!). You also cannot expect your vehicle to be efficient if it runs on fumes. You simply cannot pretend your tank is full when you're running out of gas (spend time doing things that energize you!).

Taking painkillers and treating only symptoms, rather than finding root causes of problems is not gonna get you far. You need to understand the source of the pain you're having. Do you require a lifestyle change, a dietary change or maybe a mindset shift? Do you need to let go of something or someone? Are you holding onto some negative feelings or past wounds that are manifesting the problem? Do you live with guilt? What do you know to change that you're not changing?

What is your body's message to you?

Be honest with yourself. Address the problem, not the symptom for a permanent fix, otherwise the problem will keep manifesting in your body.

Here is a good website I want you to check out that links the emotional patterns to physical conditions and provides affirmations to help heal them.

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Emotional causes of disease by Louise Hay
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